The development of flexo in China lags far behind its development in other regions. More and more Chinese companies have realized that a single gravure printing will bring a lot of pollution, so they have begun to develop flexo printing technology. Flexo printing has begun to explode in China, and its development potential is huge. The flexographic sleeve produced by Yuncheng was put on the market in 2012, forming a complete service system in China. We always strive for perfection. In China, as one of the largest flexographic sleeve suppliers, we can provide every customer with the best service and products.
Gravure sleeve
Gravure roller
The sleeve for Flexography and Offset printing
Steel roller
Flexographic printing sleeves
Applicable equipment

Flexo printing machine


Uniform diameter to ensure good overprint accuracy
The sleeve has strong resistance to pressure, so as to ensure the stability of the printing pressure
The stainless-steel snap ring can ensure the stability of the sleeve during removal and installation and improve the life of the sleeve
Adhesive tape on the surface has good adhesion and is not easy to leave residual glue
Surface coating treatment performance is more resistant to solvents
Surface antistatic treatment, safer production
Easy to disassemble and install

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