The gravure sleeve rubber roller is a high-tech product that our company has undergone many years and repeated trials and finally realized completely self-produced. It broke the industry's long-standing dependence on imported sleeves. This is a major milestone in China's printing industry. The gravure sleeve has been recognized by many customers. Up to now, we have established long-term and stable cooperative relations with world-class printing giants such as CCL and BOBST, forming a high-quality supply chain that connects to the international market.
Gravure sleeve
Gravure roller
The sleeve for Flexography and Offset printing
Steel roller
Electrostatic ink absorption sleeve
Applicable equipment

Rotogravure printing machine


Fully compensate for the loss of ink speck
Electrical insulation safety
Good hardness uniformity of the surface
Applied to gravure printing with high colour requirements
The ink transfer rate is close to 100%

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